Quakertown Music Promoters Organization



  • handling equipment for band, drum line, and jazz band performances. 

  • distributing uniforms, dresses, and tuxedos. 

  • providing backstage and house management for musical performances. 

  • outdoor/indoor concessions

  • Fund-raising: see fundraising page  ​​

The band and choir students really appreciate the benefits gained from our efforts. Meet new people, make new friends, and support the music program at Quakertown Community High School.

To volunteer, please contact:

We need your Help!

With a music program that has grown so successfully, many tasks need to be accomplished that cannot be done by the directors alone. We are looking for parents who are willing to come out and help QMPO with the Band and Choir. Even if you are unable to attend our monthly meetings we still need you.

QMPO needs volunteers for many activities such as: