QMPO is moving to Charms!

Charms is software specifically designed for music programs.  It manages calendars, inventory, uniforms, sheet music, volunteers, fundraisers, and much more.  It's free and easy, but you MUST sign up for Charms if you wish to be informed or be involved!

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Mr. Santanello named new Music Department Coordinator

After many years without one, the school district agreed this summer that the music department would be better equipped to coordinate music curriculum, instruments, concerts, rehearsals and activities with a district wide coordinator.  Joseph Santanello will fulfill that role, in addition to his regular band director position.  QMPO believes this is critical to the program's long term success, and we publicly thank the administration for making it happen!

Local Cards program is running in full swing!
Open to all band / choir students, grade 6-12

Would you like to save $1000?  AND help the music program… with very little effort?  Giant, Redner's, Kohl's, Red Robin, Regal, Sal's and Yogurtree cards are available by order or 2 times per week in person!

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