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4.  The cost model has changed.  Admission this year is totally free!  But you must pay for your meal from the West End and Rita's.  They will have several delicious choices for your family to enjoy.  And they are generously donating a percentage of all food sales to the QHS Band and Choir programs!  So, this means no personal food or drink -- please plan on buying your meal from The West End and Rita's that evening.  Support them, and support us!

5.  YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS!!  There is NO seating at the Univest Performance Center.  Just grass and a big concrete pad.  If you don't want to stand for two hours, bring chairs (or a blanket).

6.  No Basket Raffles this year.  Sorry, we know it's better with them... but we just couldn't this year.  We'll still do a 50/50 raffle though!

7.  Consider bringing bug spray.  You've never needed it before at our Spaghetti Dinner... but it might be a good idea this time. Just sayin.

So... definitely different.  But it's gonna be terrific.  We look forward to seeing you there!

2021 QMPO "Not Our Regular Spaghetti Dinner" Spaghetti Dinner

Well... it's been a crazy school year!  And it meant we couldn't have our normal Spaghetti Dinner in March.  But we're still gonna have it! 

There's just a lot of stuff that's going to be different:

1.  It's in June!  Monday evening, June 14th, 6-8pm to be precise.

2.  It's Outside!  We'll be at the Univest Performance Center (behind the public library).  Student Performers will be on stage!

3.  No Spaghetti.  How can we have a "Spaghetti Dinner" without Spaghetti?  It's not really about the spaghetti.  It's about a great night filled with intimate performances from our amazingly talented music students, and about eating a meal together as a big music family.  So, we'll have the West End food truck there to provide all the food.  And Rita's Water Ice for dessert,