Quakertown Music Promoters Organization


2021-2022 Fundraiser Coordinators

Local Cards:  Erik Szabo, giftcards@qmpo.org
Candy Sale:  Vacant, candy@qmpo.org
Program Ad Sales: Jen Burns and Lori Milkowich  sponsorship@qmpo.org
Fino's Hoagies:  Vacant, hoagies@qmpo.org

Concessions Stand: Vicky Callan concessions@qmpo.org

Craft Fair: Vacant craftfair@qmpo.org

​Spaghetti Dinner Chairpersons: Vacant  spaghetti@qmpo.org

Basket Raffles:  Kellie Miller, baskets@qmpo.org

Scrips Cards:  Vacant, scrips@qmpo.org

Want to get involved?  We are always looking for volunteers.  Talk to us about a vacant spot, or you can help out / assist with an already filled spot.  Come join us... we have a lot of fun, you get involved in your child's activities and it helps the music program at the same time!

2021-2022 QMPO Officers
​President: Erik Szabo,  president@qmpo.org

Secretary: Kim Bell,  secretary@qmpo.org
Treasurer: Kellie Miller, treasurer@qmpo.org

Vice President for Band: Sasha Dyuysekina,  vpband@qmpo.org
Assistant to VP Band: Jennifer Thomas, avpband@qmpo.org

Vice President for Choir: Cindy Spear,  vpchoir@qmpo.org
Assistant to VP Choir Secretary: Audrey Fletcher, avpchoir@qmpo.org 

Ways and Means-Choir: Vacant, waysmeans@qmpo.org
Ways and Means-Band: Vacant, waysmeans@qmpo.org
Website Administration/Email Maintenance: Erik Szabo & Kim Bell,

Call us at (267) 371-7029 or email at: