Quakertown Music Promoters Organization


Sponsorship Book Ads

• Earn QMPO Points!
• Support QCSD Music Education!

How? By offering businesses advertising opportunities in our Quakertown High School Music Dept. Sponsorship Book. This book will be handed out at all music events* for the current school year. Families and individuals may also sign-up to be an official Quakertown Community High School Music Sponsor!
*Please note this book is not able to be distributed at the Musical due to licensing issues.​

How Many QMPO Points Can You Earn? You can make up to 20% of the Ad Sale:

15% QMPO Points For Total Ad Sales up to $499
20% QMPO Points For Total Ad Sales $500 & Above

For more info or to participate in this fundraiser, you MUST  contact