Google Pay

  • Send money to     (Venmo handle is @QMPO-Payments)

  • All payments must have the student's name and what you're paying for (or a Charms Online Store order number) in the memo line.  Without this information, we WILL NOT be able to apply the payment to your student's account!

  • Debit card payments are free and have no charges or fees.  Credit card payments are not and will add in a 3.5% fee for credit card processing. So... register a debit card, and not a credit card!

​​ ​​                    Note:  Pay Pal for electronic payments now charges a 2.9% fee whether you fund your                           purchase using a debit card, credit card or PayPal Credit. However, it is still free to                             use a linked bank account.

Apple Pay


Are you tired of writing old-fashioned checks to QMPO? 

We now accept digital payments for all QMPO payments (and we still accept cash or check). It is perfectly safe and secure, and very very convenient!  Give it a try today!

Quakertown Music Promoters Organization


Each device and service has different steps to get setup, but here's a basic overview...

​1.  Download the app to your device 

2.  Setup your personal info (usually asks for name, phone number and email)

3.  Enter your debit card info (must be from a personal bank account -- business banking debit cards won't work with some of these services).

4.  Once the app is setup the first time, it will remember all that info so you can easily pay us and others.

5.  Click Send or Pay

6.  Send money to

7.  Make sure to enter the student's name and what your paying for (or a Charms Online Store order number) in the memo line.

8.  Confirm and Send.  

9.  You'll get a notification that the payment was received.  The app will also keep a history of all payments you've sent for your records.

For more help or information, setting these up, please visit the website for that service.  Many of them have easy clear instructions online, or even a phone number you can call for help.  The sites are listed below:

Apple Pay

Google Pay



​And, as always, feel free to contact a QMPO officer if you need any assistance.