Quakertown Music Promoters Organization


If you learn best through reading, please follow this LINK to the Charms document which will show you how to set up your account

If you learn best by watching/being shown, the following videos are short and sweet!  Each one is less than 5 minutes and gives you guidance on how to set up your Charms Account and how to navigate it your new account.

We are so excited your child has joined the music program here at Quakertown High School! 

Welcome to this amazing organization!

1. Why create a Charms Account?

2. How to 
Update my Charms Account with my students' and my personal information

3. How to understand the 
Finances of Charms

QMPO is here to help guide you through setting up your Charms account and keeping you informed about current events, future events, and fundraising opportunities!