Password: QMPO2

For the best audio experience, please use computer audio. Or iPhone one-tap : US: +1(646)3573664,,1468141542#

WHEN:       Saturday, March 27th, 8pm

WHERE:    Online, from the COVID safety of your
​                     own home!

WHO:        Music students, your friends and your family!  
                   Everyone loves BINGO!

WHY:         Something fun to do... and to raise money for
                    the music program!


Cash Prizes!! We're taking 50% of the collected money for Bingo cards, and giving it to the music department! We're taking the other 50% and making it the prize money, divided up between five bingo games.  As an example, let's say we sell $2,000 in Bingo cards, there will be $1,000 in prize money available... so if you win 1 of the 5 games, you will snag $200 cash!! (which we will safely deliver to your house for you).  Players are only eligible to win a maximum of one game.


$10 for the first bingo board at your house.  Additional bingo boards are $5 each.  Buy as many cards as you want... the more cards you play, the more chances to win! Get everyone in your house involved in the fun!  If you want to play, but can't afford extra money in these tough times, no problem, we've got ya... please reach out to Erik.

Given COVID, the preferred method is digital. Please use a DEBIT card, NOT a credit card!!
Venmo: @QMPO-Payments,    Paypal:  (choose friend if it asks)

Or... you can bring in a check (with your email address in the memo line) or cash to the QMPO box by 3pm on Thursday, 3/25.

Or... reach out to Erik directly at or 267-261-8461.

Once we receive your payment, we will email you a confirmation with your order.  If you don't receive this confirmation email by 3/26, contact Erik or you likely won't receive your bingo cards either!  The morning of the event, we will email you a .pdf file with your bingo boards.  You will print them out, and you can use pennies, buttons, M&M's or whatever else you have to cover the numbers called.  Or if you're not worried about killing trees, you can print 5 copies of the .pdf and use a pencil or marker. You will play the SAME bingo boards for each of our games.

30 minutes before the event (7:30 Saturday night), we will post a link on THIS page to join our Zoom meeting, so that you can hear and see Erik, what numbers are being called, the list of numbers already called,  and who yells BINGO!

Virtual Bingo!

Quakertown Music Promoters Organization