Get involved and enter our first ever QMPO Duck Race, with huge cash prizes! 

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Recent QMPO News

QMPO has fully moved to Charms! 

​Charms is software specifically designed for music programs.  It manages inventory, uniforms, sheet music, volunteers, fundraisers, and much more. It's free and easy, but you MUST sign up for Charms if you wish to be informed or be involved! This will be the only way to pay for certain things, and the only way to get information!

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Local Cards program is running in full swing!

Open to all band / choir students, grade 6-12
Would you like to save $1000?  AND help the music program… with very little effort?  Giant, Redner's, Kohl's, Red Robin, Regal, Sal's and Yogurtree cards are available by order!

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Stay Tuned.

QMPO is waiting to find out what activites and fundraisers we will be able to have this coming school year; however, Local Cards are in full swing. See link to the right.

Upcoming QMPO Events

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