Recent QMPO News

QMPO has fully moved to Charms!
Charms is software specifically designed for music programs.  It manages inventory, uniforms, sheet music, volunteers, fundraisers, and much more. It's free and easy, but you MUST sign up for Charms if you wish to be informed or be involved! This will be the only way to pay for certain things, and the only way to get information!

Click HERE for details.

​QMPO General Membership Meeting

​Tuesday, May 5, 2020

7:30-8:30 p.m.

​At the High School, Near Cyber Commons

Upcoming QMPO Events

Quakertown Music Promoters Organization


Local Cards program is running in full swing!

Open to all band / choir students, grade 6-12
Would you like to save $1000?  AND help the music program… with very little effort?  Giant, Redner's, Kohl's, Red Robin, Regal, Sal's and Yogurtree cards are available by order or 2 times per week in person!

Click HERE for details.

34th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Due to the increasing concerns about the coronavirus, we decided to officially postpone the Spaghetti Dinner to a later date this school year. Although many will be disappointed that we have to wait a few more months for our beloved Spaghetti Dinner, we believe this is the best course of action to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible at this time.
Let's get past the Coronavirus, we'll decide on a new date, and QMPO will certainly let you know what the new official date will be.

Thanks for your support of the QHS Music program, and be safe.